Vintage Christmas Clips

Relive the good old days with some classic old 8mm home movie clips.

If you want some wonderfully fun seasonal 8mm vintage Christmas clips, you have come to the right place. This unique collection showcases a wide variety of holiday clips for any occasion.

Little Christmas Cowboy Girl Points At Camera-1959 Vintage 8mm Film

Little Girl Gets Special Jewelry For Christmas-1955 Vintage 8mm Film

Office Workers Kissing At Christmas Party-1962 Vintage 8mm Film

Little Boy Gets New Puppy For Christmas-1962 Vintage 8mm Film

Beautiful Christmas Tree With Angel-1966 Vintage 8mm Film

Dad With Gun On Christmas Morning-1962 Vintage 8mm Film

Cute Little Boy Enjoying His Christmas Presents-1963 Vintage 8mm Film

Gold Bike And Gingerbread House For Christmas-1966 Vintage 8mm Film