Who is Fusion Footage?
Fusion Footage is a collaboration between stock footage producers from Australia, Canada and Thailand. With many years of videography experience we can provide you with high quality stock footage to suit your needs. With over 8,120 clips, the Fusion Footage collection is always growing, so please check back regularly to see our new and fresh footage. 

What resolutions are available?

The majority of our footage is available in HD 1080p resolution. We also have a growing collection of 4k footage. Not every clip is available in every resolution, however.

Who are the people in these clips?

People seen in many of our clips are "models" who have signed release forms, however, there are some "editorial" clips that use people in general settings where no "release" has been received.

What are "Editorial Clips"?
Clips that are marked as "editorial" are intended for use in a newsworthy manner or in a documentary project. They cannot be used commercially, such as in an advertisement or to imply the clip is endorsing or otherwise representing a commercial entity. Generally, editorial clips do not have the proper release on-file for the identifiable people and/or property in the clip that would permit commercial usage.

Why Pond5?
We use Pond5 because prices on Pond5 are among the fairest in the industry, prices are set by the artists themselves and artists also earn a equal or fairer percentage than they do at other popular agencies.