Venice Beach Drum Circle

Welcome to world famous Venice Beach, the last bastion of the true free spirit of California. And if Venice Beach is a culture all it's own, then the Venice Beach Drum Circle is a sort of underground (meaning unstructured, unorganized, by the people for the people) subculture risen from the need to openly express the timelessness of this artist community. It is exactly what comes to mind if you think about it. It is a bunch of people with drums (sometimes, water jugs, cans with sand, or any other contraption one can think of), sitting around in a circle and playing "together" to create a harmonious sound of such raw primal energy. Let the music move you. Let your body move naturally without thoughts or words, just feelings.

Man With Mohawk Playing Cowbell At Party

Young Man Playing Djembe Drum On The Beach

Venice Beach Circle Drum Gathering

Belly Dancer Shakes Her Booty To The Djembe Drum

Djembe Drummer With Mohawk Haircut At Venice Beach

Hippy Practicing His Juggling On Venice Beach

Man Playing Djembe Drum On Venice Beach

Djembe Drummer With Female Dancer-Close Up