Konova Slider Review

Konova SliderAfter over 6 months owning and heavily using my Konova Slider, I feel like I have enough experience using it to give a quality review of this slider. There are various options for those wanting a more affordable bearing slider, of which I chose the Konova because of the solid construction and ability to easily add a motor drive or other components to it.

I have the 80cm K5 slider. Initial impressions of the slider were very good. It felt solid and slides very smoothly. But initial impressions don't count for much.

After 6 months of use, I still have a lot of love for the slider. It has a beautifully smooth slide, the adjustable feet come in handy often, and I often appreciate the strength and sturdiness of it. Here are a couple of clips of the slider in action:

Asian Mother And Son Talking While In A Park - Dolly Shot

Grasstree (Balga Tree) At Sunrise In Some Australian Bush

After lots of use, I know where I have to be careful and how to treat it right. The bearing rails are exposed, so any specks of dirt on them will give a nice bump in the slide, so keeping them clean is paramount. Regular wiping while in use, and pulling it apart and giving everything a good wipe down helps with this. Especially after any outdoors shoot. Handheld slides require a bit of practice, keeping steady even motion by hand across the length of the slide takes getting used to. Sometimes the addition of an elastic band to pull with helps this. Getting just a small amount of friction on the adjustment screw helps immensely. I have found that in general a slide from end to end of above 8 seconds will require a few different pass throughs to find a smooth slide. Also making sure that I am comfortable when sliding helps a lot.

The slider also works well for vertical slides, giving an almost crane-like shot. Here is an example of a vertical slide, shot in the worst of conditions, with dust blowing everywhere (note the resultant slight bump in the clip).

Harvesting An Oats Crop On Farm In Western Australia

One of the great things about this slider as well, is that it is built to be able to add it's own pulley and motor-drive systems. Those would be well worth the purchase, although not cheap. What it means for me though, is creating my own custom motor-drive and pulley system has been made easier by the places ready made for screwing in additional parts. This custom system isn't quite finished yet, but I will give more details about it once it is completed and properly tested.

So to put it into a few less words, the Konova slider makes for a fantastic slider, at a very good price. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the professional grade sliders. But the proof is in the results, and here are a few more clips shot with the assistance of the Konova slider.

Vintage Asian Secretary - Woman Answering The Office Phone

Beautiful Vineyard In The South West Of Australia

Street Vendor Making Noodle Soup With Grilled Pork (Bami Mu Daeng)

Tropical Jungle Tree - Dolly